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Pelican is an app for newcomers to a country. By completing challenges, you'll become comfortable talking to locals, meet new friends, and learn about your new home.

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Connie Li

Jack Swiggett

Serena Wong

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Our story

These presentations and reports document our app development process, including needfinding, prototyping, and user testing.


Presentation: PPT - PDF

Point of View & Experience Prototypes

Presentation: PPT - PDF  ◇  Report: PDF

Concept Video

Presentation: PPT - PDF

Low-Fidelity Prototype & Testing

Presentation: PPT - PDF  ◇  Report: PDF

Medium-Fidelity Prototype

Presentation: PPT - PDF

Heuristic Evaluation

Evaluation (written by other students): PDF

High-Fidelity Prototype

Prototype: IPA - README

Poster & Pitch Slide

Poster: PDF  ◇  Pitch Slide: JPG

Final Report

Report: PDF