Theme: Creation


Austin C, Jeff G, Tom K

Collaboratively create digital memories of events.


Igor B, Scott B, Joseph H, Raymond K

Gamifying the music creation process through mobile multiplayer jam sessions.


William D, Chris M

Realtime coordination of chemotherapy treatment plans.


Tyler B, Sujeet G, Samuel GP, Kevin Z

Creating custom tours which place personal stories, history, and local knowledge in the hands of visitors.


Emmerich A, Robert F, Jorge P

Facilitating the discovery of lesser-known musical artists.


Ken C, Genie H, Trijeet M

Incentivizing the completion of personal projects through community and game-ification.

Virtual Venues

Aaron F, Aashna M, Tyler S

Using VR to facilitate more accurate and innovative lighting design and stage control.



Moustafa A, Raissa L, Matt T, Kate W

Discover the travel destinations you never imagined.


Casey C, Phillip J, Stephen R, Santiago S

Contextual, social, and automated music suggestion


Sukhi G, Lawrence M, Alka N, Julie N

Aiding the process of self-discovery through strengthening creative intuition and ability.


Asad K, Edwin P, Ji P, Quentin P

Enabling fluid, easy and efficient discovery of the things we want to see, do, and experience.


Cesca F, Kirby G, William H

Discover new and exciting activities while meeting interesting people.


Chris B, James L, Kevin Y, Vivian Y

We help engineers discover awesome places to work


Brandon E, Nadav L, Joe P, Mike W

Making finding, planning, and organizing events much easier with friends or by ourselves


Lea C, Andrea S, John YS, Allen Y

mWork helps complete tasks and alleviate poverty by connecting clients with micro-tasks via mobile devices

Behavioral Change


Julia E, Clementine J, Griffin K, TJ S

A tool that encourages users to meet their daily goals by magnifying personal success into positive social impact.

Paper Trail

Milan D, Maxine F, Nick H, Devon Z

See how your spending is linked to political contributions.


Louis B, Josephine C, Asli K, Ryan M

On-demand student-to-student tutoring within the same college campus


Lorena HL, Steven Q, Kate S, Jessica X

A background application that provides real-time suggestions for maintaining civil conversations in a professional setting.


Kelsey J, Megan L, Mathieu R

A platform that visualizes and compares people's environmental impacts and spurs action to reduce those impacts with links to political campaigns.


Path B, Josh C, Sanby L

A social alarm clock


Janet A, Bruno D, Timi O, Stephany Y

Discover, relive, and share memories over time and space


Jon D., An L., Da Eun K., Debnil S.

Sending memories for your friends to find

H2O low

Nico C., Jane E., Veronica C., Matthew L.

We aim to provide a means of accurately tracking water usage on personal and aggregate levels, as well as a source of external motivation to conserve.


Maya I., Marina E., Devon H., Christina G.

Incentivize young voters to make informed decisions by matching their views with candidates’.


Math Outside the Box

Ashley R, Brad H, Charles Y, David Y

Engaging children with math in the world outside


Brad R, Karen G, Nick A, Reid W

Better lectures, powered by real-time student data


Alex W, Erin S, Patrick B, Elia A

Connecting helpful tutors with hardworking students.


Daniel H, Juan C, Jennifer F, Nikhita O

A simple and user-friendly way to make lecture a more effective learning tool.


Angela G, Joanie H, Maggie S, Rassan W

Smartphone aid for smarter seniors


Gabriela G, Eric C, Tommy T, Carlos A

Integrating context-sensitive visual and aural language acquisition into your daily life


Let's Do This

Divya K, Eric T, Juan M, Sami R

You are never alone in your desire to reach your goals


Matt M, Alec D, Pallabi G, Pascal O

Make every part of your day productive


Prasanth V, Nicole H, Lakshmi P, John N

Make exercise both fun and social


Harshitha R, Henry T, Janette C

Helping children manage diabetes in a fun and engaging way, in turn reducing stress and anxiety over managing their condition

Pass It On

Alistar I, Haley S, Thomas Z, Rebecca W

Harnesses the ubiquitous and influential power of mobile to instill positivity in users through daily challenges that increase gratitude and improve offline interactions


Jack R, Mark U, Kartik S

Become motivated to reconnect with old friends and make new friendships that you trust you will keep


Andrew L, Camilo A, Mikala S

Connects learners with knowledgeable peers in the area and have them engage in personalized and relationship-driven learning

Crowd Power


Baris A., Chris S., Megan H.

When an athlete first suffers from an injury, a tough decision has to be made about what course of action to take. CrowdMD provides an easily navigated interface for viewing concrete data about what works for recovering injuries, directly from the source, the patients.


Adam K., Laila C., Gavin N.

@Home is a fast and easy way to connect great home service providers to everyone who needs help at home.


Thuy Ny L., Chris P., Howon L.

Kindergarten will provide instructors with a simple and quick method for gathering feedback and questions from their students.


Andrew L., Ben U., Alex E., Onkur S.

Flavr instantly connects hungry students with food while reducing waste.


Jared W., Clifford H., Frances G., Inseong C.

showMe is a ubiquitous music sharing service that fosters exploration and connectivity by providing easy access and interpersona l incentives to encourage individuals to exchange music preferences.


Kuan P., Varun D., Kesler T.

A collaborative platform for helping kids learn to love writing.


Ishita P., Alex W., Anna Y.

Tongues is an accurate, real-time translation application powered by the crowd.


Abaho K., Ellen S., Stephane Z.

QuickSpace is your location-based, on-demand rental space platform while you’re on the go.



Ari E., Sherman L., David E., Akaash N.

Clarity closes the feedback loop between students and teachers by lowering the energy barrier for student input while increasing the quality/value of student feedback.


Tony W., Jiakun L., Shahab F., Brandon B.

Bringing families together.


Gabriel P., Kat G., Leigh H., Yang D.

Harness your curiosity: Kill time, not the cat.


David K., David M., Matt A., Aaron S.

A better way to discover and understand new investments.


Omar R., Kyle Q., Gene O., Wen S.

Our goal is to motivate people to cook for themselves by removing inconvenient and time-consuming barriers to cooking.


Albert C., Ian H., Tang Z.

Ola will enable patients to live a normal life without ever having to worry about their conditions and medication.



FoodConnect streamlines food donations on campus and makes volunteering more social so that less food reaches the dumpster.


Creating consumers-supplier relationships by centralizing information about food in order to facilitate sustainable behavior