Seminar on People, Computers, and Design - 1992-93

Sept 30, 1992 - Terry Winograd, Stanford and Interval Research,
Introduction to the seminar on human-computer interaction

Oct 7, 1992 - Allan Sheperd and Audrey Ishizaki, HP Labs,,
Strudel, a customizable ``electronic conversation toolkit'

Oct 14, 1992 - Marney Morris, Animatrix,
Practical Interactive Design

Oct 21, 1992 - Robert Carr, GO Corporation,
Mobile pen-based computing

Oct 28, 1992 - Ehud Shapiro, Weizmann Institute,
Active Mail --- A Framework for Implementing Groupware

Nov 4, 1992 - Cliff Nass, Stanford Dept. of Communcation,
Computers Are Social Actors: A New Paradigm and Some Surprising Results

Nov 11, 1992 Chuck Clanton, Aratar,
Film Craft in User Interface Design

Nov 18, 1992 - Raymonde Guindon, Hewlett-Packard, DesignVision,
An Object-Oriented Graphical Interface to an Intelligent Software Design Assistant

Nov 25, 1992 - Michael Naimark, Interval Research,
Presence at the Interface (or How do you know I'm not a movie and when does it matter?)

Dec 2, 1992 - Marc Davis, MIT Media Lab,
Media Streams: Interfaces and Representations for Reusable Media

Dec 9, 1992 - Tom Moran, Xerox Parc,
The whiteboard metaphor and liveboard meeting support

Jan 6, 1993: Ramana Rao, Xerox PARC,
The Information Grid: A Framework for Information Retrieval and Retrieval-Centered Application.

Jan 13, 1993 - Phil Cohen, SRI,
Natural Language in Multimodal Interfaces,

Jan 20, 1993 - Kristina Hooper Woolsey, Apple Multimedia Lab,
Casual multimedia: The use of imagery in everyday activities

Jan 27, 1993 - Rob Tow, Interval Research,
Visual Psychophysics in Humans and Non-Humans, With Some Notes on Applications to Computer Scanning, Printing, and Video

Feb 3, 1993 - Neil Scott, Stanford CAIID,
Total Access for Disabled Computer Users

Feb 10, 1993 - Kai-Fu Lee, Apple ATG,
Towards Conversational Computers

Feb 17, 1993 - Bob Horn, Information Mapping,
Visual Languages

Feb 24, 1993 - Bob Glass, SUN,
Real world user interface design - a view from the trenches

Mar 3, 1993 - Tim Oren, Kaleida,
Virtual Markets and Communities: Why Multimedia Publishing is Crock

Mar 10, 1993 - Andrew Singer, Interval Research and ASD,
Towards a profession of software design

Mar 31, 1993 - John Coate, CompuMentor,
Building online community

Apr 7, 1993 - Randy Smith, SUN Microsystems,
Concrete Abstractions in the User Interface

Apr 14, 1993 - Steve Utt, Watermark
Rethinking the pen-on-display user interface

Apr 21, 1993 - Steve Mayer, DF/X,
Arcade Video Games and User Interface Issues

Apr 28, 1993 - Mark Beaulieu, Digital Lantern,
Interactive maps

May 5, 1993 - Ted Selker, IBM Almaden Research,
Trackpoint II: Making a better mouse

May 12, 1993 - Joy Mountford, Apple ATG,
Design of New Media Interfaces

May 19, 1993 - Debbie Hindus, Interval,
Ubiquitous Audio: Capturing spontaneous collaboration

May 26, 1993 - Scott Weiss, GAIN,
UNIX Multimedia: Today's Reality

Jun 2, 1993 - Gitta Salomon, Richard Mander, Dan Rose, and Yin Yin Wong, Advanced Technology Group, Apple Computer, Inc.,
Apple, Development of a `Pile' metaphor for a desktop interface


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