User Interface Design - A View from the Trenches

Bob Glass, SunSoft

Seminar on People, Computers, and Design
Stanford University February 24, 1993


"Dr.Bob" will give his personal view of how to make human factors activities work in a variety of environments. He will discuss working in academia, government, aerospace and the computer industry. Bob will compare his work experience at three different computer companies (Xerox, Apple, & Sun) and share with you what worked, and what didn't!

Bob will also discuss some of the issues associated with developing human interfaces in a product organization, and the need for modifying life cycle costing to include the human factors component.


Dr. Robert Glass joined SunSoft in 1992 as the director of human factors engineering. He has been actively involved in human factors of both hardware and software design for 22 years. Before joining SunSoft, Glass spent three years as manager of the Macintosh human interface group at Apple Computer. At Apple he was responsible for the development of the human interface and guidelines for Apple's System 7 (MacOS). He was also involved in huan factors issues for the Powerbook series of computers.

Prior to Apple, Glass was manager of human interface at Xerox for three years where he worked on the Viewpoint (STAR) and OPEN LOOK interfaces. Glass also worked as the senior technology staff engineer of advanced technology on Lockheed's Space Station Program. He was also vice president for State of the Art Systems and chief of illumination engineering at the National Bureau of Standards.

Glass is an elected member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Executive Council. He earned his doctorate at the Unirversity of Maryland in Sensory Processes Psychology, with a specialization in human color


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