UNIX Multimedia: Today's Reality

Scott D. Weiss, User Interface Architect, Gain Technology

Seminar on People, Computers, and Design
Stanford University May 26, 1993


Companies are buzzing about how much multimedia can be delivered on their hardware and software platforms, but what is the reality? What does multimedia support really mean on a UNIX platform? What can be easily accomplished and at what cost? Who will benefit from the authoring system, and who will benefit from the titles? What do multimedia standards have to do with multimedia development? Scott will cover these questions and present GainMomentum, Sybase's offering into the multimedia fray.


Scott D. Weiss graduated Stanford University with a degree in Human Interface Design. Since then he has worked at Apple Computer in their Human Interface Group for System Software, and at Microsoft Corporation in WorkGroup Applications and the Advanced Systems Group, on the next-generation Windows product. He is currently the User Interface Architect at Gain Technology, a Sybase company.


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