Find that missing piece through Armoir

We believe your closet should reflect what makes you so uniquely you, and nothing should stand in the way of that. Our borrowing and lending platform makes it easier than ever to discover your personal style on a low budget. Don't have the time? Don't have a fortune to spend? Not sure what your ideal look even is? Just step into Armoir - we've got you covered.

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About Armoir

Leveraging the power of community, Armoir empowers you build your ideal wardrobe - without having to break the bank!

Armoir connects you to your community so that you can find inspiration in other closets, borrow items you love, and lend your own clothes out to others for some extra cash. With its fun and hassle-free process, Armoir ensures you find the right piece at the right time - and from people you know and trust.


What can Armoir do?

Explore closets in your area

Want to know what people in your community are wearing, or to simply check out the latest trends around you? Explore the closets of your community here.

Find items to borrow

Seeing lots of denim jackets around? Itching to find one for yourself? Whatever the item is, Armoir lets you search closets in your area to find the perfect piece to complete your look!

Build your ideal closet

Find the items you own and have borrowed in your digital closet so you can easily organize and keep track of your clothes.

Lend your clothes

Upload items from your own closet to lend out to others and become a trendsetter. The more you lend, the more you earn!

Easy Notifications

Want to check on how popular your clothes are? Head over to the notifications to see who loves your style.


Stressed about returning clothes? Don't be! Armoir will send you reminders to ensure you never miss a return date!

Our Process

Our approach to design as shaped by the methods of CS147


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Concept Video

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POV & Experience Prototypes

PDF, Slides

Low-Fi Prototype & Testing

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Group Heuristic Evaluation


Expanding on HCI fundamentals in CS194H

Project Recap

PDF, Slides

Business Model

PDF, Slides, Canvanizer

Field Usability Study

PDF, Slides

Video Prototype

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