Knowledge Tracing

Mining Massive Student Data with Deep Learning

What is Knowledge Tracing?

In this project, we aim to mine a large amount of real educational data and develop knowledge tracing and adaptive assessment models. In particular, we are focused on

  • Developing better models to predict students’ answers to questions based on their previous actions and responses.
  • Given effective knowledge tracing algorithms, devising ways to build models upon them to sequence material in ways maximally useful for students.
  • Using the text of questions and answers to perform natural-language analysis and experiment with augmenting knowledge-tracing and other algorithms to be able to incorporate new questions (which were not included in training data) into the software.
  • Using official score reports to study to what degree it is possible to predict students’ real test scores based on their interactions with the software.

Related Paper

Variational Deep Knowledge Tracing for Language Learning [Paper] [BibTeX]
Sherry Ruan, Wei Wei, James Landay
International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK), 2021