Key Phrase Extraction

Automatic Educational Content Generation

What is Key Phrase Extraction?

Extracting key learning opportunities from semi-structured text is an important capability for a smart tutoring system. Key phrase extraction can be leveraged in learning systems in several ways, including guiding AI tutoring dialogue and feeding automatic question generation systems. Both of these applications are built into other Smart Primer projects. Key Phrase Extraction is a foundational mechanism on which the learning systems of the future can be scaled to meet the ever-changing needs of students.

Related Paper

Key Phrase Extraction for Generating Educational Question-Answer Pairs [Paper] [Dataset] [BibTeX]
Angelica Willis, Glenn Davis, Sherry Ruan, Lakshmi Manoharan, James Landay, Emma Brunskill
L@S: Proceedings of the Sixth Annual ACM Conference on Learning at Scale, 2019