Day Date Lecture / In-class Activity Assignment Due
Mon 2016/07/18

Course Overview & Introductions (PPT)

Design, Play, Delight

DP0: New City
Tues 2016/07/19

Discovery (PPT)

Wed 2016/07/20 Domain Research Domain Research Presentations
Thur 2016/07/21 Needfinding Videos Interviews of SCPKU Staff
Fri 2016/07/22 Students in field doing research Initial Needfinding Results
Mon 2016/07/25

Define (PPT)

Unpacking, POVs
Tues 2016/07/26 POV report out
Wed 2016/07/27

Game Design


Brainstorming, HMWs
Thur 2016/07/28

Design Exploration (PPT)

Revised POVs, HMWs & Solutions report out
Fri 2016/07/29

Social Design

Experience Prototyping

Mon 2016/08/01 Experience Prototype report out
Tues 2016/08/02

Lo-fi Prototyping (PPT)

Sketches and Lo-fi Prototype

Wed 2016/08/03 Lo-fi Prototype report out
Thur 2016/08/04 Medium-fi Prototyping (PPT) Refine Tasks, Start Medium-fi Design
Fri 2016/08/05 Heuristic Evaluation (PPT) Draft Medium-fi Prototype