Seminar on People, Computers, and Design - 1994-95

Sept. 30, 1994 - Marc Levoy, Stanford Computer Science,
Spreadsheets for Images

Oct. 7, 1994 - Joy Mountford, Interval Research,
Interface: where should industry and academia meet?
With a special appearance by the Stanford 'Just Kidding' 1994 Apple Design Competition project team

Oct. 14, 1994 Jef Raskin,
The Interface Paradox

Oct. 21, 1994 Michael Deering, SUN,
High resolution virtual reality

Oct. 28, 1994 T.V. Raman, DEC Cambridge Research Labs,
Audio System for Technical Readings

Nov. 4, 1994 - Nick Arnett, Verity,
Building Virtual Libraries on the Internet

Nov. 11, 1994 - Bonnie Johnson, Interval Research,
Exploring the Future in the Present

Nov. 18, 1994 - Rogers Hall, UC Berkeley,
.Designing for mathematical understanding


Dec. 2, 1994 Donald Norman, Apple Computer,
An academic discovers the realities of design

Dec. 9, 1994 - Eric Bier, Ken Fishkin, and Maureen Stone, Xerox Parc,
The Magic Lens Interface.

January 13, 1995 Yoav Shoham, Stanford Computer Science,
Software Agents in Academia and Industry

January 20, 1995 Marti Hearst, Xerox PARC,
Context and structure in full-text information access

January 27, 1995 Eviatar Shafrir, Hewlett-Packard,
Information Playgrounds: Local Metaphors for Interactive Information

February 3, 1995 Barbara Hayes Roth, Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory
Directed Improvisation by Computer Characters

February 10, 1995 Nancy Frishberg, Apple Computer
Sign Language Interfaces

February 17, 1995 Pavel Curtis, Xerox PARC
The Internet at the Turn of the Millenium

February 24, 1995 Jock Mackinlay, Xerox PARC,
An Organic User Interface for Searching Citation Links

March 3, 1995 Jonathan Steuer, Cyborganic Media,
Combining Content and Community: The Potential and Pitfalls of WWW Publishing

March 10, 1995 Ramana Rao and John Lamping, Xerox PARC,
Focus+Context Techniques for Visualizing Large Tables and Hierarchies

March 17, 1995 Tom Moran, Xerox PARC
Implicit Structures for Pen-Based Systems Within a Freeform Interaction Paradigm

April 7, 1995 Barry Arons, MIT Media Lab
Interactively Skimming Recorded Speech

April 14, 1995 Clifford Nass, Byron Reeves, Stanford
Computers as Social Actors

April 21, 1995 Shannon Halgren, Claris
Amazing Animation

April 28, 1995 Hector Moll-Carrillo, Matthew Marsh, IDEO

May 5, 1995 Marc Andreessen, Netscape
The Future of the Internet

May 12, 1995 Allan Heydon, DEC Research
The Juno-2 Constraint-Based Drawing Editor

May 19, 1995 Allen Cypher and David C. Smith, Apple
KidSim: End-user Programming of Simulations

May 26, 1995 Beth Mynatt, Georgia Tech
Transforming Graphical User Interfaces into Auditory User Interfaces

June, 2 1995 Martin Roscheisen, Christian Mogensen, Terry Winograd, Stanford Computer Science,,
Interfaces to the Digital Library: An Experiment


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