Interface: where should industry and academia meet?

Joy Mountford, Interval Research

Seminar on People, Computers, and Design
Stanford University October 7, 1994

With a special appearance by Ramon Felciano ( of the Stanford 'Just Kidding' 1994 Apple Design Competition project team, with their prize-winning project presentation


This talk will illustrate and discuss the various lessons about the process of designing successful user interfaces. The success of involving educational establishments with industrial partners will be shown through the last three years of the Apple Interface Design Project. We will hear the successes and limitations of this project from student, professor, and industrial liaison alike.

The talk will raise and discuss the following issues:

This talk will take the form of an interactive multi-media presentation showing a series of interaction prototypes.


S. Joy Mountford recently joined Interval Research Corporation to manage a multi-media development project, after eight years as the manager of the Human Interface Group at Apple Computer's Advanced Technology Group. She led a number of major projects and initiated and continues to oversee Apple's International Interface Design Project.

Before joining Apple, she worked at MCC, America's 5th generation computer consortium and prior to that she designed advanced user interfaces for military avionics systems at Honeywell. Her past research experience has focused on the application of technologies such as speech recognition and generation, intelligent systems, tactile controllers and head-mounted systems. Recently she has turned her attentions towards the design of media SoundScapes that can be shared across the Internet.


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