Week Assignments Monday Wednesday Studio
Jan 3–7 A1 Needfinding (group)
due next studio (Jan 13-14)

Studio Preference Form
due Wed, Jan 5 @ 5PM

Student Conflict Form
Introduction (PPT) (Recording) Design Discovery (PPT) (Recording)
Optional: Holtzblatt & Beyer, Contextual Design. In: The Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, 2nd Ed.
Design Project 0
Jan 10–14 A2 POV, HMW, Experience Prototypes (group)
due next studio (Jan 20-21)
Define (PPT) (Recording)
The Discipline of Teams, by Katzenbach and Smith, Harvard Business Review
Listen: Invisible Women, 99% Invisible, Episode 363 (31 minutes)
Ideate (PPT) (Recording)
Early Customer Research by Tom Eisenmann
Watch: Working in Teams (0:56), Tina Seelig, Stanford Technology Ventures Program
Watch: Team Composition (2:33), Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, Stanford Technology Ventures Program
A1 Presentation

POV Development
Jan 17–21 A3 Website (group)
Checkpoint due in studio Feb 10-11
due Wednesday Mar 2

Web Workshop
Learn how to create your websites

A4 Concept Video (group)
due next studio (Jan 27-28)
MLK, Jr. Holiday (No Class) Concept Videos (PPT) (Recording)
Watch: Ways to Create Ecosystems (5:43), Sharon Vosmek, Astia
Watch: Ways of Working (5:50), Sue Siegel, GE
Optional Watch: Experience Prototypes Tutorial by Head TA Kristina Inouye (23 mins)
A2 Presentation

Task Definition
Jan 24–28 A5 Low-fi Prototype and Test (group)
due next studio (Feb 3-4)

Figma Basics Workshop (Recording)
Saturday, Jan. 29
Exploration (PPT) (Recording) Early Stage Prototyping (PPT) (Recording)
"Involving Customers with Iterative Design" (Ch 4) from The Design of Sites by van Duyne, Landay, and Hong
"Making a Paper Prototype" (Ch 4) from Paper Prototyping by Carolyn Snyder
Watch: The danger of a single story, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, TEDGlobal 2009
Watch & Critique Concept Videos

Sketching & Storyboarding
Jan 31–Feb 4 A6 Medium-fi Prototype (group)
due Monday Feb 14

Design Systems Workshop (Recording)
Saturday, Feb. 5
CS147 Film Festival (PPT) (Recording) Visual Information Design (PPT) (Recording)
Watch Scott Klemmer’s HCIOnline lectures:
A5 Presentation

Sketching Activity

Visual Design Exercise
Feb 7–11
Accessible Design Workshop (Recording)
Saturday, Feb. 12
Designing the Future: Early and Future Visions of HCI (PPT) (Recording)
As We May Think by Vannevar Bush
Tools For Thought (Ch 9), Engelbart Demo
Listen and Read: Of Mice and Men, 99% Invisible, Episode 149 (21 minutes)
Human Abilities (PPT) (Recording)
"Cognitive Aspects in Interaction Design", pages 66-99 from Interaction Design, 3rd Edition by Rogers, Sharp, & Preece
Listen: Wait Wait... Tell Me!, 99% Invisible, Episode 369 (36 minutes)
Midterm Review
Feb 14–18
due by studio (Feb 17-18)

Midway due by studio week 9 (Mar 3-4)
Video demo due by Wed week 10 (Mar 9)
Complete due by studio week 10 (Mar 10-11)
Writeup due Sunday Mar 13
Heuristic Evaluation (with in-class exercise) (PPT) (Recording) Conceptual Models and Interface Metaphors (PPT) (Recording)
"The Psychology of Everyday Things" (Ch 1) from The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman

Midterm Review (Evening Thurs 2/17) (PPT) (Recording)
due Friday Feb 18 @ 11:59pm
Feb 21–25 Presidents' Day (No Class) Midterm Project Group Work
Feb 28–Mar 4 A10 Poster and Pitch Slide (group)
Draft due Monday Mar 7
Final due Wednesday Mar 9
Usability Testing (PPT) (Recording)
Design Patterns (PPT) (Recording)
The Design of Sites by van Duyne, Hong, & Landay:
A8 Presentation

Project Group Work
Mar 7-11
Guest Q&A
Tracy Chou (Stanford '09/'10), CEO at Block Party (Recording)
Smart Interfaces for Human-Centered AI (PPT) (Recording) 30-Second Pitch and Demo Practice

Project Expo (PPT) from 5:30-8:30PM PST
Final Due Items
Students are required to attend the project expo in the evening on Friday, March 11 (5-8:30 pm). Final writeups are due Sunday, March 13 @ 11:59pm.