Day Date Lecture/Studio Reading Assignment Out Assignment Due Friday Studio
Tue 9/27/2016

Introduction (PPT)

Thur 9/29/2016 Design Discovery (PPT)

Tom Kelley, The Perfect Brainstorm, Excerpt from The Art of Innovation

Holtzblatt & Beyer, Contextual Design, Ch. 3 (optional: Holtzblatt & Beyer, Contextual Design. In: The Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, 2nd Ed.)

#1 Needfinding (group) Design Project 0
Tue 10/4/2016 Define (PPT)

1)'s Empathy Fieldguide

2) Tips for Working Successfully in a Group by Randy Pausch

Bonus video: ABC News, 60 Minutes, IDEO Design Thinking, January 2013 (13 minutes)


Thur 10/6/2016 Ideate (PPT)

The Discipline of Teams, by Katzenbach and Smith, Harvard Business Review

Watch the following videos at home:

Keys to Creating Awesome Teams (5:21), Cyriac Roeding, Shopkick

Working in Teams (0:56), Tina Seelig, Stanford Technology Ventures Program

Team Composition (2:33), Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, Stanford Technology Ventures Program

Ways to Create Ecosystems (really characteristics of group intelligence, performance, & innovation) (5:43), Sharon Vosmek, Astia

Ways of Working (5:50), Sue Siegel, GE

#2 POV, HMW, Experience Prototypes (group) #1 Needfinding (group) 1) Presentation #1: Initial Needfinding Results
2) POV Development

Read "How to Survive a Critique: A Guide to Giving and Receiving Feedback" by Karen Cheng
Tue 10/11/2016 Exploration (PPT) Pg. 135-151 from Buxton’s Sketching User Experience #3 Web Site (Group)    
Thur 10/13/2016 Concept Videos (PPT)

Watch Video Prototyping Examples

#4 Concept Video (group) #2 POV, HMW, Experience Prototypes (group) Presentation #2: Final Needfinding, #2 POV, HMW, Experience Prototypes
Tue 10/18/2016 Work on project with your team        
Thur 10/20/2016 Early Stage Prototyping (PPT)

Bill Buxton "Right Design"

"Involving Customers with Iterative Design" (Ch 4) of The Design of Sites

"Making a Paper Prototype" (Ch 4) from Paper Prototyping by Carolyn Snyder

#5 Low-fi Prototype and Test (Group) #4 Concept Video (group) Presentation #3: Concept Videos
Tue 10/25/2016 1) Watch and Critique Concept Videos (PPT)
2)Midterm Course Evaluation
Thur 10/27/2016 Designing the Future: Early and Future Visions of HCI (PPT)

As We May Think by Vannevar Bush

Tools For Thought Ch 9 (Engelbart Demo)

Read and listen to Of Mice and Men" podcast

#6 Medium-fi Prototype (group) #5 Low-Fi Prototype and Test (group) Presentation #4: Lo-fi Prorotype and Test
Tue 11/1/2016 Human Abilities (PPT)

Pages 66-99 of "Cognitive Aspects in Interaction Design", from Interaction Design, 3rd Edition by Rogers, Sharp, & Preece

Thur 11/3/2016 Heuristic Evaluation (PPT)
(in class exercise)
How to Conduct a Heuristic Evaluation by Jakob Nielsen #7 Heuristic Evaluation (individual) #6 Medium-fi Prototype (group) Presentation #5: Medium-fi Prototype
Tue 11/8/2016 Visual Information Design(PPT) Watch Scott Klemmer’s HCIOnline lectures:
Thur 11/10/2016 Conceptual Models and Interface Metaphors (PPT) "The Psychology of Everyday Things" (Ch. 1), from The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman #8 Hi-fi Prototype (group) #7 Heuristic Evaluation (individual) #9 Heuristic Evaluation (ad-hoc group)
Tue 11/15/2016 1) Usability Testing (PPT)
2) Midterm Review (PPT)
Thur 11/17/2016 Midterm (in class)       Project Work and Feedback
Tue 11/22/2016 Thanksgiving Break        
Thur 11/24/2016 Thanksgiving Break        
Tue 11/29/2016 Guest Lecture: Irene Au (Khosla Ventures)
Work on project in class
  #10 Poster and Pitch Slide (group) #3 Web Site (group)  
Thur 12/1/2016 Design Patterns The Design of Sites, by van Duyne, Hong, & Landay:
1) "
Making the Most of Web Design Patterns" (Ch 2)
2) "Up-Front Value Proposition" (Pattern C2)
3) "Process Funnel" (Pattern H1)
4) "Meaningful Error Messages" (Pattern K13)
  #8 Hi-fi Prototype Midway Milestone (group) Presentation #6: Hi-fi Prototype Midway Milestone (group)
Tue 12/6/2016 From On Body to Out of Body User Experience     #10 Poster and Pitch slide (group)

Mon (12/5): First Draft

Wed (12/7): Final
Thur 12/8/2016 No Lecture - work on Project     #8 Hi-fi Prototype (group) 30-second Pitch and Demo Practice (group)
Fri 12/9/2016 Project Fair (6-9:30PM) Atrium        
Sat 12/10/2016 Write-up due 6PM     Write-up due 6PM