Seminar on People, Computers, and Design - 1997-98

Sept 26, 1997 - Randy Pausch, Carnegie Mellon Univ..
   Disney's Aladdin: First Steps Towards Storytelling in Virtual Reality 

Oct. 3, 1997 - Jitendra Malik, UC Berkeley
  Finding Objects in Large Collections of Images 

Oct 10, 1997 - Marc Levoy, Stanford Computer Science
   The Digital Michelangelo Project

Oct 17, 1997 - Don Gentner, JavaSoft, Sun Microsystems 
   The WebTop - HotJava Views and Beyond

Oct. 24, 1997 - Hannes Marais and Krishna Bharat, DEC Systems Research Center
   Supporting Cooperative and Personal Surfing with a Desktop Assistant 

Oct. 31, 1997 - Trevor Darrell and Chris Bregler, Interval Research and UC Berkeley
   Intelligent Analysis/Synthesis of Facial Imagery.

Nov. 7, 1997 - Bernard Gifford, UC Berkeley and Academic Systems
   Computer-mediated instructional materials for distribution over networked computers: From theory to practice

Nov. 14, 1997 - Anatol Holt, University of Milano 
   Primitive Man in the Electronic Work Environment

Nov. 21, 1997 - Bill Buxton, Alias Wavefront
    Less is More, More or Less

Dec. 5, 1997 - Amy Bruckman, Georgia Tech
    Open Research Questions about Virtual Communities.

January 9, 1998 - Henry Lieberman, MIT Media Lab.
   Integrating User Interface Agents with Conventional Applications

Jan. 16, 1998 - Rob Barrett, IBM Almaden Research
    WBI: Intermediaries for Manipulating Web Content

January 23, 1998 - Dag Svanaes, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim.
   Kinesthetic Thinking: Interaction Design without Programming 

January 30, 1998 - Harry Saddler, Xerox PARC.
   The Apple University Design Project 1992-1997: A Retrospective

February 6, 1998 - Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Research
   Probability, Utility, and Human-Computer Interaction

February 13, 1998 - Alan Cooper, Cooper Interaction Design
   The Inmates are Running the Asylum

February 20, 1998 - Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland
   The Eyes Have It: User Interfaces for Information Visualization

February 27, 1998 - Frankie James, Stanford
   AHA: Audio HTML Access 

March 6, 1998 - Charles Kerns, George Toye, Stanford Learning Lab
   New Technologies for Learning

March 13, 1998 - John Canny, UC Berkeley
   3DDI: 3D Direct interaction 

April 3, 1998 - David Kurlander, Microsoft Research
   Comic Chat: Research and Productization War Stories

April 10, 1998 - Ramon Felciano, Stanford Section on Medical Informatics 
   Graphical Style Sheets: Reusable Representations of Domain-Specific Information Graphics

April 17, 1998 - Rob Haitani, 3Com (Palm Computing)
   The Design of the Palm Pilot 

April 24, 1998 - Gary and Judith Olson, University of Michigan;
   Distance Matters: Intellectual Work Among Geographically Separated Group Members

May 1, 1998 - Phil Agre, UC San Diego
   The Architecture of Identity

May 8, 1998 - BJ Fogg, Sun Microsystems, Stanford
   Persuasive Computers: Examples, perspectives, and research directions

May 15, 1998 - Peter Mullen - Visio
   Experience from the Design of Visio

May 22, 1998 - Justine Cassell, MIT Media Lab
    Communicating with Machines Using Speech, Gesture, and Facial Expression 

May 29, 1998 - Erich J. Neuhold, GMD-IPSI & T.U. Darmstadt
  Work beyond the Desktop: Our Cooperative Building and Roomware Projects


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