Seminar on People, Computers, and Design - 1993-94

Oct 1, 1993 - Margaret Minsky, Interval Research,
Putting 'Feel' into 'Look and Feel': Interaction with the Sense of Touch A

Oct 8, 1993 - Wilfred Hansen, Carnegie Mellon,
Andrew User Interface System as a multiparadigm environment for visual languages

Oct 15, 1993 - Harry Saddler, Apple Computer,
Making It Macintosh: Interactive Media, Interpersonal Design

Oct 22, 1993 - Nathan Shedroff, vivid,
Information Interaction Design

Oct 29, 1993 - Terry Winograd, Stanford,
From Virtual Reality To Real Virtualities: Designing The Worlds In Which We Live

Nov 5, 1993 - David Goldberg, Xerox PARC,
Unistrokes: Pen computing for experts

Nov 12, 1993 - Robert Cailliau, Cern,

Nov 19, 1993 - Brenda Laurel, Rob Tow, and Rachel Strickland Interval Research,
Placeholder: Landscape and narrative in a virtual environment


Dec 3, 1993 - Ken Kahn, Stanford CSLI,
Animated programs

Dec 10, 1993 - Geroge Robertson, Xerox PARC,
Information visualization using 3d interactive animation, Winter

Jan 7, 1994 - Marc Brown, DEC Systems Research Center,
Algorithm Audiovisualization

Jan 14, 1994 - Pattie Maes, MIT Media Lab,
Interface Agents

Jan 21, 1994 - Andy Hertzfeld, General Magic,
Magic Cap

Jan 28, 1994 - David Rumelhart, Stanford Psychology Dept.,
Neural Network Applications to Cursive Handwriting

Feb 4, 1994 - Dan Russell, Apple ATG.,
Sensemaking: What people do to understand their world

Feb 11, 1994 - Sha Xin Wei, Stanford,
mmdd: an open meta-testbed for multimedia distributed documents

Feb 18, 1994 - Bruce Tognazzini, Sunsoft,
Computing in the year 2004

Feb 25, 1994 - Randal Walser, Spacetime Arts, Inc.,
The Art & Technology of Spacemaking

Mar 4, 1994 - Terry Winograd, Stanford,
Interfacing to the information highway

Mar 18, 1994 - Joe Bates, CMU,
Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Entertainment

Apr 1, 1994 Paul Saffo, Institute for the Future,
Designing for the consumer

Apr 8, 1994 Amy Jo Bilson, Paramount,
Design Principles for Interactive Live Performance

Apr 15, 1994 Charles Poynton, Sun,
Color Science for Computer-Human Interface Designers

Apr 22, 1994 Barbara Tversky, Stanford Psychology Dept.,
Spatial Metaphors in Graphic Displays

Apr 29, 1994 Informal recap of DIAC and CHI conferences

May 6, 1994 Ted Selker, IBM,
Proactive and Reactive Agents in User Interface

May 13, 1994 Aaron Marcus, Aaron Marcus Associates, San Francisco,
Managing Metaphors in Advanced Uls

May 20, 1994 Jakob Nielsen, Sunsoft,
Heuristic Evaluation of User Interfaces,

May 27, 1994 Marc Davis, MIT Media Lab and Interval Research,
Media Streams: Representing Video for Retrieval and Repurposing


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