Get into the Groove: Design Principles for Interactive Live Performance

Amy Jo Bilson, Paramount

Seminar on People, Computers, and Design
Stanford University April 8, 1994


As on-line communities become more responsive and media-rich, CyberSpace takes on more and more of the properties of a live performance. In this talk, I look at many different forms of live performance - theatre, school, parades, demonstrations, religious services, musical events - and examine the social and artistic structures in these situations which encourage interactivity. I then discuss design principles for facilitating participation during live performance, and explore how these ideas can be applied to the design of CyberSpace and Interactive Television.


Amy Jo Bilson recieved her Ph.D. in Visual Psychophysics in 1986, at which point a promising career in vision science was derailed by a fascination with building things that people use. Since then, she has been architecting software, designing user interfaces, and playing in African dance bands. Currently, she is Producer/Designer of Interactive Music and Audio at the Paramount Technology Group, where she is building prototypes of musical experiences in CyberSpace.


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