Week Monday (Lecture/Studio) Wednesday (Lecture/Studio) Wednesday (Laboratory)

January 9

Course Introduction

Due: Course Application

Assign: P1 Thoughtless Acts,
P1 Grading Rubric

January 11

Studio: P1 Discussion

Due: P1 Thoughtless Acts (In class)

Assign: P2 Observation,
P2 Grading Rubric

Read: Suri excerpts, Thoughtless acts site, d.school on observing

January 11

CS 247L: Sketching (Bill Verplank)


January 16


Read: The Roles of Role Playing in the Design Process, d.school on Synthesizing & Brainstorming.

January 18

Studio: P2 Skit Presentations

Due: P2 Observations & Skits (In class)

Assign: P3 Gesture Controller,
P3 Grading Rubric

January 18

CS 247L: Intro to .NET, Visual Studio, C# and WPF.

Slides: PPT

Source Code: CS247-Lab-2.zip

P3 Starter Code/Kinect Slides: PPT


January 23

"Natural" User Interfaces

Guest: John Tang, Microsoft

Read: Touch vs. In-Air Gestures, Designing Gestures, Proximity Toolkit

January 25

Studio: P3 Work & Check-Ins

Due: P3 Gesture Controller (Fri 2pm)

January 25

CS 247L: Kinect SDK Tutorial

Slides: Skeleton/Camera RGB | Camera Depth/Audio

Source Code: Skeleton/Camera RGB


January 30

P3 Showcase & Critique

Assign: P4 Course Project,
Form Final Project Teams

February 1

Studio: P4 Brainstorming

Due: P4 Team and Proposal (Fri 2pm)

Read: Synthesizing, Brainstorming and POV.

February 1

CS 247L: Advanced Kinect Tricks

Slides: Part-1 | Part 2

Source Code: Shapes Game | Skeleton Replay Demo


February 6


Read: What do Prototypes Prototype?

February 8

Studio: P4 Prototyping

Due: P4 Prototypes (Sketches, Video, Tests) (Fri 2pm)

February 8

CS 247L: Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) Tutorial


February 13


February 15

Studio: P4 Wizard-of-Oz Testing

Due: P4 Wizard-of-Oz Tests (Fri 2pm)

February 15

CS 247L: Meet with coaches
(for all who can come)


February 20


February 22

Studio: P4 Prototype Demos

Due: P4 Functional Prototype (In class)

February 22

Visual Design + Keynote (Purin Phanichphant, IDEO)
Location: Building 420-041


February 27

Directing Physical Action

February 29

Studio: P4 Work & Check-Ins

Due: P4 User Test Design (Fri 2pm)

February 29

CS 247L: Graphic Design + Photoshop (Rob)


March 5

Guest Speaker: Scott Snibbe

March 7

Studio: P4 Work & Check-Ins

Due: P4 User Test Results (Fri 2pm)

March 7

CS 247L: TBD by Student Request


March 12

Studio: Demo Faire & Critique

Due: P4 Functional Prototype II (In class)

March 14

Studio: Presentation Rehearsal

Present 3 minute presentation.

Due: P4 Presentation (In class)

March 14

CS 247L: Final Project Hackathon

Final Presentations - Mon 3/19, 6-9pm, d.school


Please feel free to e-mail us at cs247@cs.stanford.edu if you have any questions.