Project 2: Observation & Brainstorming

Grading criteria Guiding questions Check minus Check Check plus
Observation work
What type of observations did you make and how did you document them? Show us what you found and why it was interesting! We encourage volume. Did anything surprise you or confirm something you thought was true? Observations presented seem obvious and does not bring much new to the table. Good variety of interesting observations collected and documented. Very detailed and insightful findings documented from observing diverse, representative respondents. Observations are compelling or surprising, making good material for ideation.
Quality of design solution
Does your design solution address an issue in a compelling way? Would it improve the user experience and enable novel applications? Design solution addresses the issue but could have used some thought around user experience and value of outcome. Compelling design solution centered around user experience promoting a compelling application. Group presented very creative and compelling design solutions, clearly focused on addressing a need from a user-centered perspective.
Creativity of design solution
How creative was your design solution? Solution has some creative aspects to it. Design solution presented solves the issue in a creative and clever way. Very creative design solution presented that is clearly a result of good work put into ideation / brainstorming / bodystorming.
How well were your observations and design ideas presented in the skit? Skit gets the main points across. Skit runs smoothly, presenting the observations and design solutions in an effective and compelling way. Skit very well rehearsed and thought through, drawing in the audience and telling the story of the design issue and solutions.


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