Project 1: Thoughtless Acts

Grading criteria Guiding questions Check minus Check Check plus
Insight in the example
Did you find an interesting example of a "thoughtless act"? What insights did you derive from the example you chose? Were the insights surprising and/or novel? Insights found are basic or obvious. The example found shows little effort. Presented insights are new and derived from a thought through analysis. Example is clearly a result of good effort put into finding "thoughtless acts". Very good choice of example, showing that a lot effort and thought was put into the assignment. Insights are creative and surprising, with openings for exciting design opportunities.
Creative potential for design as expressed in the opportunities
Did you find good design opportunities from your example? We want to see that you looked for opportunities beyond "the obvious". Design opportunities presented are obvious and seem to be the first thing that comes to mind. Poster shows imaginative and interesting design opportunities. Several creative and very insightful design opportunities. It's clear that the opportunities presented wouldn't have been discovered without deeper analysis.
Clarity of exposition (writing)
Is your written description clear and to the point? Does it cover the setting, activity, task, motivation and user need? We are looking for an insightful analysis, summarized in a concise way. Written description exists and covers most of what was asked for in the assignment. Writeup clearly and effectively explains the thought process and analysis. All things asked for are mentioned. Description covers all that was asked for in a very clear way. Analysis is well summarized, highlighting key points.
Craft and use of different media (sketches, photographs...) in poster design
Did you make use of a variety of different media in your poster? Poster shows little or no variety in media. A few different types of media used in poster design. Poster is well crafted and uses several different types of media in a creative way that enhances the key points of the poster.


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