The Masterminds

(L-R) David Carrick, Eyal ophir, Andy Russell, Jaki Clark and David Li

David Carrick, the sensor translator
MS Computer Science '09

Software should be both powerful and intuitive. I'm interested in identifying how technology can really make an impact on people's daily lives and finding innovative ways to create software to satisfy this need. I look forward to using my technical background  in scientific, web, and application programming to meet these goals.

Jaki Clark, the designer
MA - Learning, Design & Technology '09

There are few common threads in my life thus far at the ripe old age of 23 - but the strongest one? Solving problems. Whether its arts advocacy, educational content design, equity in education or basic usability - I love a good problem to fix. I look forward to applying my experience from this class to solve great problems in museums, classroom environments & more!

David Li, the coder
BS Computer Science '10

David is a junior at Stanford in computer science and has experience in database design. He enjoys ultimate frisbee and spends his spare time on the Solar Car project at Stanford.

Eyal Ophir, the UI builder
M.S. Candidate, Symbolic Systems Program

I have a background in cognitive science, and have spent the past two years researching multitaskers and interfaces for multitasking with the Stanford CHIMe Lab and the Stanford Memory Lab. I'm hoping to find a job in research/development of communication technology.  I also had a great time working on Toonables!

Andy Russell, the figure builder
MA - Learning, Design & Technology, '09

Andy is a graduate student by day, an aspiring ice-cream maker by night, a toy designer by trade, and a kid at heart. He aims to design toys and tools that empower children to express themselves more creatively through play. Andy has worked for companies like Hasbro and Sony to create playful learning experiences for kids.