Clapster Overview
      Clapster is a musical game/toy for children. The game is a hybrid of the traditional hand clapping games kids play during recess and Dance Dance Revolution/Guitar Hero. Clapster is a rhythm game for 8-10 year olds using gesture-detecting gloves, requiring players to work together to clap along to the beat. Three players play together in a collaborative effort. The players include player red, player yellow, and player blue. Each player has a set of gloves and must perform the gesture depicted on the screen. In the game, a series of icons depicting gestures moves across the screen, and once they reach a focal point, players have to complete them on the beat. The final list of gestures includes claps, high-fives, and handshakes. In addition to being able to play the sequences included in the game, players also have the option of exploring the music making process by creating their own sequences.

Video Demo
      The following video demonstration shows the gestures and how a player should perform each gesture.

      The Clapster team is comprised of 5 members.
Matt Janes
Jaemin John
Juho Kim
Matt Paden
Timothy Uy