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Deliverables for the end of quarter are on line here

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January 6

Lecture: Course Introduction [Winograd et al.]

Assigned: P1: Errors
Do in class: Questionnaire

Reading: Norman on Errors

January 7 (CS247L)

No session this week. Do PRL safety training according to schedule of availability.

January 8

Due: P1: Errors

Lecture: Intro to Idea Logs, Sketching,
and Storyboards [Verplank]

Assigned: P2: Observation, Idea Logs

Introduction to Observation [Simsarian]

Studio: P1 critique in sections

Reading: What's an Idea Log?

2  January 13

Due: Initial observation results

Workshop on Observation and bodystorming [Simsarian]

Reading: The Roles of Role Playing in the Design Process

January 14 (CS247L)

CS 247L: Physical Prototyping Lab [Raffle]

Theory - Intro to exhibition catalog for "The Machine as Seen at the End of The Mechanical Age" by Pontus Hulten (1968): (8pp.)
Practice - "Cabaret Mechanical Movement" (28 mb)

 January 15

Due: P2 deliverables and presentation

Studio: Presentations and discussion

Assigned: P3: More Toys, More Learning

Special Assignment: Either attend the Friday 1/16 at 12:30 seminar by Hayes or watch it on video.

Reading (optional) for ideas on storyboards see Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics


January 20

Location: Cordura Hall 100 (see campus map)

Special Assignment: Either attend the 1/16 seminar by Hayes or watch it on video. The material is complentary to this lecture.

Lecture: Toys & Play [Hayes]
Studio: Work in your pairs on P3

Reading: Literature Review in Learning
with Tangible Technologies
- long, but be sure to read Executive Summary. sections 1 and 3 have good foundational theory.

January 21 (CS247L)

Location: Gates B02

CS 247L: Intro to Arduino

Slides: PPT, PDF, PDF (small)

January 22

Due: P3: More Toys, More Learning

Assigned: P4: Initial Project Idea + Related Designs

In Studio: Form P4 project teams

Lecture: Models & Metaphors [Terry]


January 27

Due: Initial P4 Vision Statement

Due: Idea Logs

Discuss: Far-out ideas

Studio: Discuss initial project ideas

January 28 (CS247L)

Location: Gates B02

CS 247L: Connecting to Arduinos with Flash & Processing

Flash/Arduino Setup Tutorial

Optional: Watch CS147 Flash tutorials if you're unfamiliar with Flash: Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2

January 29

Lecture: Designing with Sound [Verplank]]

Studio: Wizard of Oz exercise,
     paper prototyping exercise

Reading: Neilsen's How to Conduct a Heuristic Evaluation & 10 Usability Heuristics

Assignment for full P4


February 3

Due: Low-Fidelity Prototype

Have set up initial observations

Studio: Heuristic Evaluation of initial prototypes

February 4 (CS247L)

Location: Gates B02

CS 247L: Nokia Internet Tablets

February 5

Due: Prototype Iteration

Guest speaker: Bill Moggridge (IDEO) on industrial design]


February 10

Due: Refined Visual/Physical Design

Studio: Inter-group Design Critique

February 11 (CS247L)

Location: d.school

CS 247L: Soldering & Electronics [Verplank]

February 12

Due: Proposal for alternative designs (of components) to test

Studio: P4 Critique



February 17

Guest speaker: Will Wright (Maxis/EA) on the design of games

Lecture: Psychological Preferences and Types


February 18 (CS247L)

CS 247L: Working with Foam Core & Open Lab

February 19

Due: Individual goals/objectives for rest of project

Due: Results from testing alternative designs

Studio: Testing prototypes


February 24

Due: Goals for final prototype

Guest speaker: Neema Moraveji (Stanford Education) on Social Computing

February 25 (CS247L)

Location: PRL Building

CS 247L:Woodworking Tutorial

February 26

Due: Current prototype

Lecture: Testing

Studio: Testing and prototypes

See also Scott Klemmer's more thorough set of slides on testing


March 3

Due: Current prototype (bring to class) and testing plans

Studio: Testing and prototypes

March 4 (CS247L)

Location: d.school

CS 247L: Open work time

March 5

Due: User Test Results, Idea Logs

Studio: Present idea logs for feedback

Studio: Prototypes


March 10

Due: Presentation prototype

Studio: Presentations

Do: 3 minute presentation (rough draft of final presentation)

March 11 (CS247L)

Location: d.school

CS 247L: Plan your final project booth (claim your space @ the d.school)

March 12

Feedback session

Final Presentation Details Below -- good luck on your projects!

CS247 Final Project Fair - Invite your friends and family!

Monday March 16th at the d.school

6:30 - 7:15 pm, food and "matinee" demos

7:15 - 9:00 pm - presentations, demos & posters


Please feel free to e-mail us at cs247@cs.stanford.edu if you have any questions.