These pages contain information on using the R3 Paper Applications Toolkit. We also host information about working with Anoto tools, as R3 builds on Anoto's SDK. These pages were last modified on June 4, 2007.

Quick Start
A minimal tutorial to get up and running (relatively) quickly.

Toolkit Overview
Describes the Architecture and main APIs.

Step-by-step tutorials on everything from setting up a pen to building your own applications using Java and the R3 Paper Toolkit.

Demonstration Applications
Simple applications built using the toolkit.

Automatically-generated documentation that is embedded in the R3 Source Code.

Similar to JavaDocs, but provides different advantages.


Community Supported Documentation

Example Code Snippets
Learn by example. Add examples to help your colleagues. Hosted on PBWiki.

Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to common questions. Hosted on PBWiki.

Ask a question and answer someone else's. Hosted on Google Groups.


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