Getting Started

  1. Basic Pen Setup with a Nokia SU-1B or Logitech IO2 (BT)
  2. Anoto SDK and FDT Tutorial — Background knowledge on the tools that R3 builds on. This is not "required knowledge" but is very useful in understanding how R3 works.
  3. Streaming Live Data with the Nokia SU-1B
  4. Tools of the Trade


  1. Get the R3 Toolkit from Google Code and Compile it with Eclipse.
  2. Hello World! A first application.
  3. Build an Interactive Print from scratch or from existing JPEG and PDF files.
  4. Accessing Pen Data in Batched (non-Streaming) Mode
  5. Leveraging Adobe Illustrator and Acrobat to design and view paper-centric user interfaces.


  1. Adding Sheets and Regions at Paper-Application Runtime.
  2. Using Flash Components


  1. Coming Soon...

Special Topics

  1. Handwriting Recognition as a Content Filter or as an Independent Service.



Ron B. Yeh
Stanford University