Toolkit Overview

Brief Description

Create a Paper User Interface with your tool of choice. You can use MSWord, Powerpoint, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. Export your UI to a PDF, and augment it using the R3 Acrobat Designer. In Java code, add event handlers to regions. Finally, run your application! These are the basic steps it takes to build and run a paper-centric application.


Everything revolves around the paper UI construction classes (Sheet and Regions). Paper UIs are composed of Sheets, and each Sheet contains active Regions. You may add handlers to each Region, and these handlers can do anything you like (such as send output to multiple devices wirelessly). The toolkit supports multiple pens, so you can create a collaborative application.

If you are familiar with programming GUIs, then programming a Paper UI will be easy to grasp. The programming model is based on Java Swing & Windows Forms, so event handling is done with event handlers. You can add event handlers to regions. The toolkit comes with a few basic event handlers, but you can build more complicated handlers on top of the basic ones.

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Ron B. Yeh
Stanford University