Ron B Yeh


The Interactive Gigapixel Prints (GIGAprints) project is an experiment in the future of collaborative workspaces, where printed visualizations are augmented with projectors and mobile devices. We are currently designing, building, and testing the interactions and visualizations that best suit these large paper surfaces.


Technical ReportRon B. Yeh, Joel Brandt, Scott R. Klemmer, Jonas Boli, Eric Su, Andreas Paepcke. Interactive Gigapixel Prints: Large Paper Interfaces for Visual Context, Mobility, and Collaboration. Stanford University Computer Science Department Technical Report. October, 2006. [39MB mov]

Ron B. Yeh, Joel Brandt, Jonas Boli, Scott R. Klemmer. Interactive Gigapixel Prints: Large, Paper-Based Interfaces for Visual Context and Collaboration. Ubicomp 2006 Extended Abstract (Videos Track). September, 2006. [90MB mov]



Network Monitoring, Twistr, Buddy Sketch, Blog Reader, Audio Guide, and Augmented Map

[1280 x 720 (39MB mov)]

Photo Wall, Network Monitoring, and Map-Based Queries
[720 x 405 (66MB mov) | 1280 x 720 HD (90MB mov)]

Network Monitoring Application
[109MB mov]



Ron B Yeh (ronyeh at cs dot stanford dot edu)
Joel Brandt
Scott Klemmer

Jonas Boli, Eric Su, Andreas Paepcke



GIGAprints Version 1 [17MB Zip File] - The version of the GIGAprints project that was NOT built on top of the Paper Applications Toolkit. This package should be used only for informational purposes, as the new GIGAprints system is based off of R3. This includes the Map Based Queries, Network Monitoring App, and original PhotoWall. Packaged on October 3, 2006.