Interactive Gigapixel Prints: Large, Paper-Based Interfaces for Visual Context and Collaboration

Ron Yeh, Joel Brandt, Jonas Boli, and Scott R Klemmer
Ubicomp: Videos, 2006
For centuries, large paper information graphics such as maps have been important cognitive artifacts in navigation, architecture, engineering, and scientific work. Paper-based practices leverage the reliability, affordability, readability, mobility, and flexibility of paper—yet lack the interactivity afforded by digital technologies. This video introduces Interactive Gigapixel Prints (GIGAprints), computer con- trolled large-scale paper displays. When combined with a digital pen, these prints enable users to capture handwritten content. When augmented by digital displays, these prints integrate the high spatial resolution of wide-format printing with the high temporal resolution of digital displays. By having paper and digital displays work together as an en- semble, GIGAprints provide the best of both worlds.


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