The Task Gallery: A 3D Window Manager

Dan Robbins, Microsoft Research.,

Seminar on People, Computers, and Design
Stanford University April 21, 2000

Over the last several years our research group has been working on ways of letting users easily view, access, and manage large amounts of information.
Dan will present the current state of the group's research as embodied by the Task Gallery, a 3D window manager. This interface attempts to take advantage of user's natural spatial abilities. Dan will focus on the design process, trade-offs made, then discuss the ongoing evaluation stage.

Daniel C. Robbins is a 3D User Interface Designer working at Microsoft Research. His current projects include visual presentation of large information spaces and scenarios for intelligent environments. Prior to that, Dan helped develop the pioneering 3D UI work from the Brown University Computer Graphics Group. Dan's degree is in fine art. In his copious free time Dan enjoys hiking, throwing dinner parties, and making sculpture from aerospace castoffs


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