Fonts, Glyphs, Curves, Bits - Typefaces for Interfaces

Chuck Bigelow, Stanford

Seminar on People, Computers, and Design
Stanford University April 8, 1992


Lessons learned from a decade of designing digital types for computer displays and graphical user interfaces. The technical problems of producing readable screen fonts encourage a re-examination of some of the fundamental conceptions and perceptions of writing and reading. Examples will be drawn from Sun OpenLook, Macintosh System 7, Microsoft Windows, and other graphical user interfaces. The special user-interface problems of computer-based font design tools will also be touched upon.


Charles Bigelow and his studio partner Kris Holmes have designed display system fonts for Sun OpenLook, Macintosh System 7, DEC Windows, and other graphical user interfaces, as well as fonts for a wide variety of printing technologies. He also is associate professor of digital typography at Stanford.


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