Better Things for Better Chemistry Through Multi-Media: The CORE Electronic Chemistry Library

Mike Lesk, Bellcore

Seminar on People, Computers, and Design
Stanford University January 15, 1992


We are developing an online file of 10 years of chemical journal literature, with both full Ascii text, page images, and manual indexing. This talk will describe the chemical journal data and how it is scanned and processed to extract graphics from pages; the kinds of interfaces we are testing; and the results of our experiments comparing paper, image display, and Ascii-based display. This project is a joint effort of the American Chemical Society, Bellcore, Chemical Abstracts Service, Cornell University, and OCLC (the Online Computer Library Center).


Michael Lesk manages the Computer Science Research Department at Bellcore. He received the PhD in Chemical Physics in 1969, and is best known for writing such Unix utilities as tbl, lex, and uucp. He has been chairman of two ACM SIGS and spent 1987 in London as Senior Visiting Fellow of the British Library.


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