Launching Creative Communities: Lessons from the Spore community experience

Mira Dontcheva   Will Wright, Maxis / Electronic Arts


Seminar on People, Computers, and Design
Stanford University May 22, 2009

As user generated content moves more into the mainstream of entertainment we are seeing larger and more diverse communities forming around the idea of community creativity. This talk will look at some of the more prominent examples of these communities; how they grow, what attracts the members and why people pour so much time into them. The computer game "Spore" is a recent data point in this area and will be a major focus 


Game designer Will Wright founded his own company, Maxis, in 1989 and has since created some of the best-known simulation games in existence, including SimCity, SimEarth, SimAnt, The Sims (the best selling game of all times) and the 2008 blockbuster Spore. Maxis is now part of Electronics Arts, the world's largest video game company. He is the winner of many awards, which you can see in his full-length biography

View this talk on line at CS547 on Stanford OnLine or using this video link.

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