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Mira Dontcheva   Clara Shih,


Seminar on People, Computers, and Design
Stanford University April 10, 2009

Why is Facebook so appealing? What about the design differed from prior social networking sites and has allowed its viral, exponential growth? The emergence of ubiquitous, persistent online identity, social graph, and feeds are fundamentally transforming individuals' behavior, expectations, and experience across the Web. Clara Shih, Stanford HCI alumna and creator of the first business application on Facebook, will talk about her application and what the World Wide Web of people means for interaction, relationships, and enterprise software design.

facebook era

Clara Shih created Faceconnector, the first business application on Facebook, in 2007 as a weekend project. Faceconnector integrates Facebook profiles and friend data into Salesforce CRM. At, Clara is responsible for Social Media Product Strategy and Alliances, including the company's formal partnership with Facebook. Previously, she was the product line director of AppExchange,’s online business applications marketplace, for which she led the development of the Checkout payment services for partner applications. 
Clara is the author of a new book, The Facebook Era (Prentice Hall), about how online social networks are transforming vendor-customer relationships and what sales and marketers must do to adapt and succeed. Clara is a frequently invited speaker on social media at global conferences including Web 2.0 Expo, Enterprise 2.0, Toronto TechWeek, Social Ad Summit, and others. Clara has held positions at Google and Microsoft, and has degrees in computer science, economics, and internet studies from Stanford and Oxford. She blogs at and Twitters as @clarashih.

View this talk on line at CS547 on Stanford OnLine or using this video link.

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