Google Design in Practice: the Challenge of Simplicity

   Scott Jenson    Adam Barker , Google

Seminar on People, Computers, and Design
Stanford University March 16, 2007

Google search is deceptively simple. This homepage, with its single text input and whimsical, seasonal logo, masks an extraordinary quantity of engineering effort and speaks volumes about Google's design philosophy. Over the years, the Google product family has expanded and diversified, but each new product retains a focus on simplicity. In this talk, Adam will describe some of the tools and processes used by the Google user experience team, as well as some of the challenges caused by Google's unique environment.

Adam Barker is a user experience designer at Google, where he works on Gmail and related social software projects. He has nearly a decade of professional experience in the high tech industry, working for companies like Amazon and Trilogy. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Indiana University.

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