Advanced User-Interface Design for Vehicles

Aaron Marcus, Aaron Marcus and Associates

Seminar on People, Computers, and Design
Stanford University November 15, 2002

The driver/rider experience is a major development in mobile user-interface design worldwide, similar in scale to the first introduction of personal computers to the desktop. Most automobile manufacturers seeking to develop smart cars have relatively little experience with advanced software-based user-interfaces and information visualization. This lecture introduces essential concepts of user-interface design, discusses important human factors issues, based on AM+A's recent 100-page analysis for BMW Germany, illustrates prototypes designed by AM+A of radically different information displays, and discusses cross-cultural communication issues in relation to global product and service deployment.

Aaron Marcus is a graduate of Princeton University (physics) and Yale University (graphic design). He was the world's first graphic designer to work full-time in computer graphics, was a pioneer in user-interface and information-visualization design, worked at Bell Labs and Lawrence Berkeley Labs as a computer graphics design researcher, and taught at Princeton and the University of California at Berkeley. Since starting AM+A in 1982, he has authored/co-authored four books and over 100 articles. He lectures and tutors at industry conferences and onsite worldwide.


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