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Fall 2020

18 SepAmy Orben
University of Oxford
The Sisyphean Cycle of Technology Panics
25 SepCory Doctorow
We used to have cake, now all that's left is icing
2 OctNitasha Tiku
Washington Post
The Dawn of Tech Worker Disillusionment
9 OctJen Mankoff
University of Washington
Moving from hobby to application
16 OctHrvoje Benko
Facebook Reality Labs
The Future of Mixed Reality Interactions
23 OctLisa Welchman
Digital Governance
Building Safe Digital Products
30 OctAlexandra To
Northeastern University
Designing to Empower Marginalized Communities through Social Technology
6 NovJane E
Stanford University
Artistic Vision: Providing Contextual Guidance for Capture-Time Decisions
20 NovMira Dontcheva
Adobe Research
Video is the Core Communication Tool of the Future
Earlier talks are available by year or by speaker.

Faculty organizer:
Michael Bernstein


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Thanks to the Stanford Computer Forum and SCPD, whose support helps make this seminar possible.

If enrolled Stanford students wish to attend the seminar regularly, they can receive one unit of credit by enrolling in CS 547. The requirements are to attend lectures in real time over the live Zoom webinar at 1:00 - 2:00pm PST Fridays. Up to 2 can be watched non-live, unless enrolled as SCPD. If your physical location during COVID-19 makes live attendance infeasible, email and describe your situation by the end of Week 2 of the quarter to get permission from the staff.

All enrolled students must submit the weekly attendance form. See details.

We videotape the seminar and post the videos to YouTube, to record the history of HCI as it unfolds and to support wide dissemination of cutting edge HCI work. Video cameras located in the back of the room (or the Zoom cameras while remote) will capture the presentations. When you attend the seminar in person, please note: While the cameras are positioned with the intention of recording only the instructor, occasionally a part of your image might be incidentally captured. If you attend on Zoom, your video and voice may also be captured. Before the video is made public, editors will review the recordings and blur student images. Occasionally, your voice might also be incidentally captured. If you have questions, please contact a member of the teaching team.

Videos are on YouTube externally and the CS 547 Canvas site internally. Older videos are on iTunesU and our old YouTube channel.