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Supported by the Stanford Computer Forum.

Supported by the Stanford Computer Forum


- Mitchell Gordon joins the faculty at MIT, Jingyi Li joins the faculty at Pomona College, Joseph Seering joins the faculty at KAIST, Andrea Cuadra joins the faculty at Olin College, and Chenyan Jia joins the faculty at Northeastern—congratulations to our graduates!
- The generative agents paper goes...a little bit viral?
- "Sensorimotor Simulation of Redirected Reaching using Stochastic Optimal Feedback Control" and "Breaking Out of the Ivory Tower: A Large-scale Analysis of Patent Citations to HCI Research" both win Best Paper Awards at CHI 2023
- Professor Agrawala named an ACM Fellow
- Jury Learning: Integrating Dissenting Voices into Machine Learning Models wins Best Paper at CHI 2022
- Professor Bernstein and collaborators win the Patrick J. McGovern Tech for Humanity Prize