Designing Solutions to Global Grand Challenges:
Designing an Inclusive Tech Economy
Spring 2017
Project Expomore_vert

Monday, June 5th, 6:15-8:30PM

Project Fairclose

The CS377E Project Expo will be held on Monday, June 5th, 2017 in the d.School atrium from 6:15PM - 8:30PM.


CS377E focuses on bringing design thinking, processes, and tools to the problem of inclusivity in the tech economy. Students in the course will take on the challenge and apply this methodology to various aspects of the problem ranging from online education to new models of work.


To enhance the needfinding process, teams will approach a number of non-profits for their assistance in learning more about this problem.


Prototyping turns ideas into tangible forms that can be included or excluded in the next design iteration. Students in CS377E focus on iterating and testing using several different techniques, from low-fi paper to medium-fi prototyping tools.