Social computing

CS 278 · Spring 2019

Today we interact with our friends and enemies, our team partners and romantic partners, and our organizations and societies, all through computational systems. How do we design these social computing systems to be effective and responsible? This course covers design patterns for social computing and crowdsourcing systems, and the foundational ideas that underpin them. Students will engage in the creation of new computationally-mediated social environments.

Assignments Monday Wednesday
April 1–5

Assignment 1

Going Viral

Creating Bustling Spaces Rather than Ghost Towns

Assignment 1 due:

Tuesday, April 9, 11:59pm

Designing Norms and Culture Prototyping and the Cold Start Problem

Assignment 2

Growing Pains

Strong and Weak

Assignment 2 due:

Tuesday, April 23, 11:59pm

Group Collaboration

Super Awesome Guest Visitor

Assignment 3:

Stage 1 due: Monday, April 29, 11:59pm

Stage 2 due: Friday, May 3, 11:59pm

Wisdom of the Crowd

Crowd Production, Peer Production

Midterm Exam Week

Midterm review


Final Project

Proposal due: Friday, May 17, 11:59pm

Antisocial Computing


Collective Governance

Super Awesome Guest Visitor #2

Memorial Day: No Class

Future of Work

AIs in Social Environments

Closing: Intended and Unintended Consequences

Final Presentations

Final project due:

June 11, 11:59pm

  • Monday+Wednesday 1:30pm-2:20pm Room 300-300