Communication and Slack: Communication for this course is through Slack. If you are enrolled in the course but not a member of the course slack, please email a member of staff requesting to be added.

Academic accommodations: If you need an academic accommodation, contact the Office of Accessible Education (OAE). The OAE will then prepare an OAE letter with the recommended accommodations. Send this letter to both Professor Landay and the head CA.

Absences: If you need to miss either lecture or studio, please contact your studio CA by email or over Slack.
Teaching Team
James Landay
Professor of Computer Science

Office Hours: Gates 399
Thursday 4 - 5PM (NO OH 11/3)
Nava Haghighi
Head CA

Office Hours: Gates 386
Wednesday by appointment,
Friday 3 - 4PM
Jianna So
Assistant Head CA

Office Hours: Link
Monday 12:30 - 1:30 PM
Tuesday/Thursday by appointment
Emily Yang
Assistant Head CA

Office Hours: Link
Tuesday 2 - 3 PM
By appointment
Maya Srikanth

Office Hours: Link
Friday 10 - 11 AM
Krishnan Nair

Office Hours: Link
Monday 10 - 11 AM
By appointment
Kaitlyn Lee

Office Hours: Link
Wednesday 10 - 11AM
By appointment
Michelle Xu

Office Hours: Link
Thursday 10 - 11 AM
By appointment
Office Hours
This class must be taken for 5 units. Only graduate students may take this class for anything less than 5 units for financial purposes. The workload is the same regardless of the unit count.

The grading breakdown is as follows:
  • Group project: 8 assignments + team contribution (60%)
  • Midterm (20%)
  • Individual assignments & individual presentation (10%)
  • Class/studio participation: exit tickets and attendance (10%)
Notes: There's no final, grades are not curved. No late group assignments will be accepted. Individual assignments lose one letter grade/day late.

Assignment Grading Buckets:
  • ✔++: Far exceeds expectations. This is an A+, often a perfect or > 97% score.
  • ✔+: Fulfills the expectations in the spec and some elements exceed expectations. Strong engagement with the design process. Excellent presentation of the work. This is an A range grade (93 - 97%).
  • ✔: Fulfills the expectations in the spec. Students engaged with the design process, though maybe some small issues remain. Presentation understandable. This is a B+/A- range grade (88 - 92%).
  • ✔-: Relatively complete, but there are components of unsatisfactory quality. Presentation may fall short (e.g., poor image resolution, too much text). This is a B range grade (83 - 87%).
  • ✔--: Incomplete or multiple parts are of unsatisfactory quality. Shows sub-par engagement with the design process. Presentation likely falls short in many ways. This is a C+/B- range grade (78 - 82%).
  • -: Missing substantial assignment components and/or mostly poor quality. Does not represent engagement with the design process. This is a C range grade or lower (< 78%).
Students complete most of their work in teams. There are 10 total group assignments with 4-5 presentations, 3-4 write-ups, a video, a pitch-slide and a poster. Additionally, there are 1-2 individual assignments and an individual presentation grade.

More detailed course timeline and assignments overview available for download.
Studio is a key component of this class. Students are required to attend their assigned studio on Thursday or Friday. Students are allowed one pre-excused absence. Second pre-excused absence can be removed with make-up assignment. Late arrival or early departure of studio will count as a half absence.
Lecture Time & Location
Lectures are in person and are held in Bishop Auditorium (Lathrop Library), on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:30 - 3:20 PM. CAs will communicate with students about weekly studio locations and times.