James Landay
Professor of Computer Science
Emily Tang
Head Course Assistant
Andrew McCabe
Course Assistant
Dylan Moore
Course Assistant
Kerry Wang
Course Assistant
Sage Isabella
Course Assistant
Yanyan Tong
Course Assistant


This class must be taken for 5 units. Only graduate students may take this class for anything less than 5 units for financial purposes. The workload is the same regardless of the unit count.

  • Individual assignments & individual presentation (10%)
  • Class/studio participation (10%)
  • Midterm (20%)
  • Group project (60%)
  • No curve
  • No final
  • Late policy: no lates on group assignments, individual assignments lose one letter grade/day late


An overview of all the assignments. Broken down by:

  • Individual
    • 1-2 written (handed in online)
    • 1 presentation each
  • Group/Team
    • 10 total assignments
    • Assignments consist of 4-5 presentations with 3-4 write-ups + video + pitch-slide + poster
    • All group work handed in on Team Google Drive
Mon/Wed 11:30AM-1:20PM
@Hewlett 201