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Mango makes planning trips as a group easier - making travelling in a group more fun and enjoyable


Add friends, select dates, and coordinate logistics amoung a group of friends with ease


Brainstorm activity ideas and vote on the best ones


Determine your itinerary as a group, finalize it, and enjoy your trip



Learn more about Mango's development process - from brainstorming to low-fidelity prototype to high-fidelity prototype, all in pdf format for easy viewing

  • Needfinding

    During our needfinding phase, we talked to a variety of different potential users regarding difficulties they had experienced with regards to travel and trip planning in order to better understand which needs were not being fulfilled

  • Points of View, How Might We's and Experience Prototypes

    During this phase, we narrowed in on our needfinding discoveries to create several Point of View statements and How Might We brainstorming topics. We then brainstormed various solutions and tested experience prototypes with potential users

    Report - Presentation
  • Concept Video

    We created a concept video in order to showcase the overarching concept of our product

    PresentationVideo OutlineVideo
  • Low-Fidelity Prototype

    Moving forward with our best idea from the experience prototypes, we produced a more thorough low-fidelity prototype and tested it amoung potential users in order to gain valuable feedback for further development

    Report - Presentation
  • Medium-Fidelity Prototype

    After taking into account all of the feedback from our low-fidelity prototype testing, we produced a more finessed medium-fidelity prototype using Sketch and Marvel that was evaluated using heuristic evaluation

    README - Report - PresentationPrototype
  • Heuristic Evaluation

    Using Heuristic Evaluation principles, a group of experts reviewed the Mango medium-fidelity prototype and produced a report of heuristic violations to be fixed during the high-fidelity prototype development

  • High-Fidelity Prototype

    Our high-fidelity prototype takes into account the feedback we recieved not only from our low-fidelity prototype, but also the heuristic evaluation from our medium-fidelity prototype. It is a mobile web application that is designed to be viewed on mobile devices. Final product is best if viewed on a mobile device or through mobile spoofing.

    Desktop DevicesMobile DevicesREADMEReport
  • Poster & Pitch Slide

    A clear and easy explanation of our high-fidelity prototype for the CS 147 project fair

    PosterPitch Slide

High Fidelity Prototype

Medium Fidelity Prototype


Mango is a project made by a team of three Stanford Students for the crowdpower studio in the class, CS 147, at Stanford University in the fall of 2015

Emily X.

Designer and Developer

Amy S.

Product Manager

David M.

User Testing