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 RegionID (Region r)
boolean equals (Object o)
 Same name, origin, and dimensions.
int hashCode ()
 Makes HashMaps work.
String toString ()

Detailed Description

Allows us to save and load to/from xml files, because we can identify regions more or less uniquely this way.

This software is distributed under the BSD License.

Ron B Yeh (ronyeh(AT)

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Member Function Documentation

boolean equals ( Object  o  ) 

Same name, origin, and dimensions.

Good enough for now!

See also:

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References Units.equals(), RegionID.height,, RegionID.originX, RegionID.originY, and RegionID.width.

int hashCode (  ) 

Makes HashMaps work.

WARNING: Did this contribute to the Region Naming bug? TODO: Make it a nicer hashcode function.

See also:

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References Units.getValue().

String toString (  ) 

See also:

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