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Public Member Functions

 InkCollector ()
void clear ()
 Clear the buffers.
abstract void contentArrived ()
Ink getInk ()
Ink getNewInkOnly ()
int getNumStrokesCollected ()
long getTimestampOfMostRecentInkStroke ()
Date getTimestampOfMostRecentPenUp ()
Override void handleEvent (PenEvent event)
 if this event should be consumed (i.e., lower priority event handlers should not see this event), we should set the event.consumed property to true
void saveInkToXMLFile (File xmlFile)
void setNotifyDistance (Units notifyAfterThisMuchPenMovement)
Override String toString ()


class  InkNotifier

Detailed Description

Captures ink strokes, and allows access to them on demand. Notifies listeners every time a stroke is written. We can set a flag that tells it to notify the listeners every time the pen moves a sufficient distance...

TODO: This class contains some filtering code to eliminate false Pen Ups, due to the fault of the streaming digital pen. Should this filtering be done earlier? Should it be an option? Clearly, an implementer of a ContentFilter should not need to manually filter events... =\

This software is distributed under the BSD License.

TODO: Add a scale factor here??? Or maybe a scale factor somewhere in the event pipeline? Or should we do it later on?

Ron B Yeh (ronyeh(AT)

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Member Function Documentation

Ink getInk (  ) 

list of ALL the pen strokes.

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Ink getNewInkOnly (  ) 


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int getNumStrokesCollected (  ) 


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long getTimestampOfMostRecentInkStroke (  ) 

timestamp that last stroke was completed, in milliseconds, or -1 if there are no strokes.

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Date getTimestampOfMostRecentPenUp (  ) 


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void saveInkToXMLFile ( File  xmlFile  ) 


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Referenced by CaptureApplication.saveInkToDisk().

void setNotifyDistance ( Units  notifyAfterThisMuchPenMovement  ) 

do not use this yet... it's a bit slow

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References Units.getValueInPatternDots().

Override String toString (  )  [virtual]

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Implements EventHandler.

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