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Public Member Functions

 TextToSpeechAction ()
 TextToSpeechAction (String wordsToSay)
void close ()
 Clean up resources.
void initialize ()
void invoke ()
 Remote invocations should use this method.
void speak ()
void speak (String wordsToSpeak)

Static Public Member Functions

static TextToSpeechAction getInstance ()

Detailed Description

Speaks some text, if the receiving machine has FreeTTS installed (or some other JSAPI engine).

This software is distributed under the BSD License.

Ron B Yeh (ronyeh(AT)cs.stanford.edu)

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Member Function Documentation

static TextToSpeechAction getInstance (  )  [static]


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References TextToSpeechAction.initialize(), and TextToSpeechAction.TextToSpeechAction().

void invoke (  ) 

Remote invocations should use this method.

Local invocations may also use this, but it might be more efficient to keep a TextToSpeechAction around, initialize it, and then call speak(String) repeatedly.

See also:

Implements R3Action.

Definition at line 142 of file TextToSpeechAction.java.

References TextToSpeechAction.close(), TextToSpeechAction.initialize(), and TextToSpeechAction.speak().

void speak ( String  wordsToSpeak  ) 


Definition at line 158 of file TextToSpeechAction.java.

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