d.tools: User Guide

Plugging and unplugging hardware components

To add a new hardware component to your physical prototype, insert the 4-pin plug of the component into a free slot in the d.tools plug board. You can plug any component into any free slot, and the polarized plug will only fit into the socket in the correct way. When fully inserted, you should hear or feel a faint click, when the retaining tab on the plug snaps into place. To unplug, depress the retaining tab on top of the plug and pull it out of the plug board.


The d.tools hardware is still under development - sometimes adding a new component can 'crash' the communication bus between the component and the master controller. During normal operation, you should see a green LED labeled PWR and an orange LED labeled LED0. LED0 should either be on when no components are attached or blinking when components are attached. If LED0 stops blinking after plugging or unplugging a hardware component, press the Reset button, which will restart the communication bus after 3 seconds.


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