d.tools: User Guide

This guide is under active development - many parts are still incomplete.

  1. Getting started:
    1. Getting to know Eclipse:
      d.tools is a plug-in for the Eclipse platform. d.tools integrates into Eclipse and makes use of many of Eclipse's built-in features. Thus, familiarity with the general Eclipse interface will help you find your way around d.tools. If you are not familiar with Eclipse, we suggest reading through the initial sections of the Eclipse 3.1 Workbench User Guide (link will open in a separate window).
    2. Starting a new d.tools project: instructions for creating a new empty project.
    3. Workbench Layout: how to organize your Eclipse workbench views to work with d.tools.
    4. Preferences: how to set paths and hardware communication options (real soon now)
  2. Working with d.tools
    1. Input and Output Components
    2. Plugging and unplugging hardware components
    3. Statechart Design Patterns
    4. Adding your own images and sounds to the Asset Library
  3. Glossary: your guide to d.tools terminology.