Curriculum Vitae -- Terry Allen Winograd 

Last updated August 2011. 

Born February 24, 1946, Takoma Park, Maryland 

Home Address: 746 Esplanada Way, Stanford CA 94305 
Phone: (650)494-1716 

Business Address: Computer Science Department, Stanford University,
Stanford, California 94305-9035
Phone: (650)723-2780
Fax (650)723-0033



Consulting (long-term) 


Editorial and Advisory Boards 

National Offices 


Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility , Association for Computing Machinery, IEEE, ACM Special Interest Group on Computers and Society, ACM SIGCHI. 

Selected Publications (see full publications list



Brad Johanson, Terry Winograd, and Armando Fox, Interactive Workspaces, IEEE Computer 36:4 (April 2003), 99-103.

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