Dynamic Speedometer: Dashboard Redesign to Discourage Drivers from Speeding


We apply HCI design principles to redesign the dashboard of the automobile to address the problem of speeding. We prototyped and evaluated a new speedometer designed with the explicit intention of changing driversí speeding behavior. Our user-tests show that displaying the current speed limit as part of the speedometer visualization (i.e. the dynamic speedometer) results in safer driving behavior. Designing with the intent to achieve a particular behavior can be an effective approach for increasing the safety of mission-critical systems. This is an area in which HCI designers can have a significant impact.

Accepted to CHI2005 Late Breaking Result.  full version [pdf]


Ideation Sketches

20 different approaches that could be used to achieve change in driving behavior

User Study Data

Manu Kumar (sneaker at stanford dot edu) and Taemie Kim (taemie.kim at stanford dot edu)