PointRight: A system for pointer/keyboard redirection among multiple displays and machines





The geometry of the visible display surfaces in a computing environment is used by PointRight to provide a virtual single surface that links the displays.


As hardware becomes cheaper, rooms with many large displays become practical. The machines driving the displays need to run standard operating systems in order for legacy applications to be used. Getting keyboard and mouse input to all the screens in the room creates complexity and potential confusion—although it is possible to have multiple wired or wireless keyboards and mice, it becomes confusing to know which one to use. PointRight is a software system that allows pointer and mouse control to be smoothly switched among displays. A single free-floating mouse and keyboard can be used to control multiple screens. When the cursor reaches the edge of a screen it seamlessly moves to the adjacent screen and keyboard control is simultaneously redirected to that machine. Laptops may also redirect their keyboard and pointing device, and multiple pointers are supported simultaneously. The system automatically reconfigures itself as displays go on or off or change the machine they are currently displaying.