MILES: a mobile health app


Health research shows that it is important to get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week but there are many people that don't reach this goal. Preliminary research also suggests that sitting for long periods of time without any standing or walking can be a health risk even if you are reaching the suggested 150 minutes of moderate physical activity.

This project is about motivating people to change their behavior so that we can positively improve health. We will be trying to get participants to both increase physical activity, such as walking, as well as decrease sedentary activity, such as watching TV. This intervention will be framed in terms of both displaying relevant health information to the user as well as reducing environmental impact in order to see which approach has greater impact on improving health.

This research is part of existing work from a group that includes people from the medical school, the, and HCI in computer science.

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Jesse Cirimele